I get the itch to go to IKEA every six months or so.  It is good that I only get the itch twice a year because I inevitably come home with more than I intended!  Last time I was there, I saw these clear plastic trays for only $1.99.  They were pretty boring, but they definitely had potential.  I bought a couple and figured I’d think of something to do with them!  I came up with this idea for decoupaging the underside of the tray because I wanted to be able to put food and drinks on the tray.  This way I can still wipe up any spills or crumbs, and I don’t have to worry that condensation will ruin the paper. Read More →


perfect cinnamon rolls 2

I’m not going to lie, these cinnamon rolls are not the easiest or fastest, but they are perfect!  I have tried many recipes for cinnamon rolls, some that even use cake mix as a base, and the truth is, if you want truly delicious cinnamon rolls, you are going to Read More →