zoomed titleYears ago my mom attended a craft/food fair and sampled some candied jalapeños.   She really loved them, and so she set out to find the recipe.  I am the beneficiary of her search, and now you are, too!

top view

They are a great way to use up a bumper crop of jalapeños from your garden, and once made, they make for a delicious and quick appetizer or snack.

cracker closeup

Simply top softened cream cheese with them and you are good to go!  My favorite cracker is Read More →

For years, I resisted listening to any “kid” cds in the car.  I really love my local NPR station (well, I did until they cut out all classical music during the day – but that’s a rant for another day) and I wanted to listen to it in the car, even if my kids were with me.   It should also be noted that my kids’ normally wild behavior always reached epic proportions while in the car. Read More →