As I’ve mentioned in my bathroom floor post, I am trying to get rid of all the carpet in my house.  I am one step closer to that goal now that I have refinished two sets of stairs in my house.  Well, to be really techinical, I was one step closer to that goal a year ago when I actually took the carpet off of the stairs! But now (a year later) I have finally completed refinishing them!

Before I continue, I should clarify that I am not a perfectionist.  I am a “it’s good enough”  kind of person.  If you are a perfectionist, than you probably won’t be pleased with this project.  For me, it is absolutely wonderful! Read More →


Hello, summer!

If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I love to change up things for the seasons. Now that we are in summer vacation, I thought it was time to switch out the Italian Soda Bar and put in my summer Snow Cone Bar.

Years ago a piano student gave me a snow cone machine as a gift.  It’s funny, a snow cone machine is not normally something that I would think of to give someone, but Read More →


These envelopes are just so pretty!  I haven’t figured out what to put in them, but that hasn’t stopped me from making them!!

Traditionally button and string envelopes use eyelets to hold the string in place, but I have a much simpler way to do it that doesn’t require any special tools. Read More →