Last year was the first year that I actually enjoyed summer time.   When my kids were really little, going to the pool was such a pain.  I’d hear friends saying how they loved summer and hanging out at the pool, and I never understood it.  As far as I was concerned, it was an hour of prep time (feed the kids, apply sunscreen, change diaper, put on swim diaper, put on swim clothes/shoes, pack toys, get towels, feed again) and after all of that, it might be the kids naptime again!   Read More →



One of my guilty pleasures is to go to amazon or a favorite website and “window shop” by putting all the cool things I would love in the cart, and then not buying it.  The main reason I don’t buy them is because by the time I “window shop” everything I covet, the total cost is crazy high!

One of those times as I was filling up my wishful-thinking cart at Read More →