Today I want to share with you this fantastic way to store your leafy herbs.  This method works better than any other method I have used.   Read More →


A couple of years ago my sister-in-law and her family came up from Mexico to visit with us.   It had been years since my boys saw their Mexican cousins, so it was wonderful for them to “get to know” their cousins all over again.  There was a language barrier between the kids, but we soon learned that Minecraft is the great equalizer!!   Read More →

caramel apple closeup

I am not really a caramel apple fan – they are just so messy!  I’d much rather eat my caramel as a dip with my apples (like in my post earlier this week – click here).

However, sometimes it is more the look of the caramel apple that I might want.  When that is the case, let me share a way to make a cute stick for your caramel apple.  Read More →