Title for Magic Books

I can’t tell you how different our three boys are!   Our middle son is our artist.  His day is not complete unless he has made multiple drawings.  I find his artwork everywhere, including “books” he likes to make where he staples a whole bunch of paper together.   Read More →

week 2 carne asada pizza

The inspiration to make mini pizzas came from these adorable individual pizza pans that I bought at Michael’s.  When I saw them in the store, I just had to have them!

Making pizza from scratch is kind of a pain (in my opinion), but this is such a delicious pizza, it is worth the hassle!  It is also a great way to stretch a little bit of leftover steak into another complete meal.

closeup carne asada Read More →


As I mentioned on Monday, I am going to be having some ongoing series assigned to certain days of the week.  Mondays will be a meal idea and Fridays are going to be about some of my favorite products.   Read More →