Secure Your Purse

A few years ago I read about a great tip to keep your purse more secure while you are shopping.  Now, to clarify, I have never had anyone take my purse or even try to take my purse.   I truly believe that 99% of people are good, honest, and caring.

However, my husband is more cautious.  His father was in law enforcement, and when you have a family member in law enforcement, your view of the world tends to be a little more cynical – I suppose it is because law enforcement often deals with the 1%. Read More →

Week 1 Meal Inspiration

Happy Monday!

I am excited to start a new format on my blog – more frequent posts with themed topics on certain days.

I am going to dedicate Mondays to sharing some meal ideas as inspiration for the ever present question: “What’s for dinner?”

Here in Georgia, school starts at the beginning of August, and although we are still in the season of summer (and it certainly is hot enough!), my mindset isn’t really into summer.  This is a great meal to make that feels so summery and delicious, using produce that is in season, and utilizing the grill since it is definitely too hot to have the oven on!  It is a great way to keep a little bit of that summery feeling even though the kids are in school. Read More →