Kerala-style Indian chicken curry. Meal Inspiration Monday from

In case you didn’t see my dining room shelving post, you may not realize how intense my love of unique dishes is!  As I was perusing an Indian cookbook, I came across a photograph of a Thali plate, and I suddenly had to have one!

Despite the online claim that Thali plates are ubiquitous, I couldn’t find them anywhere!  My mom came to the rescue and gave me a set for my birthday.

By no means are these plates necessary for this meal, but aren’t they cool!?!?! Read More →

Mini Cookie Cutters (Cookie Stamps) on Friday Finds from

If you have followed my blog for any time now, you know that I like to bake.  I especially like fun/novelty items and specialty packaging.

Well, what is more fun than these mini cookie cutters? Read More →

DIY Charging Station for your iPad, Kindle, tablets, phones, etc.. from a letter sorter.

Last Christmas all three of our boys received Kindles.  Since then, I have been looking for the best way to create a charging station.  There are some really cool ideas out there, but none seemed to work for my space.

Have you also noticed how most of the pictures on Pinterest of charging stations look pretty, but they never actually have the devices plugged in?  You don’t see how it will actually look once you have cords everywhere.

Then, I saw this great mail sorter they had at Costco for only $12.99 and I knew it would be perfect.  If you can’t find a sorter exactly like this, you can get something similar and it should still work great. Read More →