One of IKEA's BEST deals - cardboard magazine files FLUNS.

I am IN LOVE with these cardboard magazine files they sell at IKEA.

They are 99 CENTS for FOUR!!!!

Yes, you read that right.  This may just be the best value that IKEA sells. Read More →

Use magnets to make an RC Car Toolkit so pieces don't fall out!

For my son’s birthday, my parents got him an RC car.  It is a really nice one that goes SUPER fast.  Of course, you can also drive it slow, but where is the fun in that? Read More →

Classic Chili and Biscuits.

The weather is finally starting to turn slightly cooler, and it sure seems about time since it is October!

Normally weather in the 80’s wouldn’t make you think of chili, but it has been such a hot summer, 80’s is feeling pretty cool! Read More →