kiss a day collageA great time saver is to find a “signature” gift that you always use for certain events.  Whenever possible, I like to give a stick blender for a bridal gift since I think it is just so useful, and it is likely they don’t have one.

My mom has a signature wedding gift.  She gives a crystal kiss jar filled with Hershey’s kisses and this cross-stitch art work.  If you have ever cross-stitched, you know that this is a labor of love.  I treasure the one that she gave us when Antonio and I got married.

cross stitch

Cross stitch is not particularly difficult, but it is really time consuming.  I should know, I am still “working” on the cross stitch nursery gift that I started before my first nephew was born….he is going to be graduating high school soon.  Maybe for his kids??

Even my mom, who seems to be able to get a Herculian amount of things done every day, sometimes doesn’t have the time to cross stitch.  So for the time-constrained, here is a colorful printout that can be framed or simply used as a card (or both).

all four

At the bottom of this post, you can download the pictures by clicking on the respective picture and saving it.

card with crystal kiss

turquoise kiss a day printable orange kiss a day printable green kiss a day printable gray kiss a day printable

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