Today’s post showcases some of my family’s favorite products, just in time for Christmas shopping!

None of these are sponsored and I don’t get any commision if you buy any of them, BUT it will make me happy if these give you a great gift idea for that hard-to-shop-for person!

Each image is linked to a store site so you can read about them, but I will also let you know the best place to buy them for the best price.

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Foot and Shoe Powder - get rid of smelly shoes!!  Before3pm.comIt finally turned cool enough a few weeks ago around here to actually start feeling like fall!  We had temperatures in the 90’s through the middle of October, so it has been nice to have weather that matches the season these last few weeks!

As much as I love the season changing, I really do not look forward to changing out my closets from my summer clothing to my winter clothing.  It is such a pain and it is even more of a pain to sort through all of the kids clothes.  It is one of those tasks that I dread!

As I was pulling out my fall and winter boots, I wanted to share with you a fantastic find that I discovered last year.  Read More →

Easiest Bath Bomb Recipe Ever! Use a mooncake mold to make it even easier!

The blogosphere is already inundated with bath bomb recipes.

BUT, you will never find an easier or more fun way to make bath bombs than what I’ll show you here.

What makes my version so easy?

It uses already scented and moisturizing epsom salts.  No need for additional coconut oil, essential oils, etc…  (I am a huge fan of Dr. Teal’s products.  You can read about some of my favorites here.)

Also, because I use a mooncake mold to create them, you are not limited in how many you can make at once.  If you use silicone molds, you can only make as many as there are molds (at least at one time).

Easiest Bath Bomb Recipe Ever! Use a mooncake mold to make it even easier!

What makes my version so fun?

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