Well, can I just say that I am excited for school to start!  We have had a great summer, but I am looking forward to an end to this:

basement stairs

and this:


and this: library


Despite having to clean up every single day, my children still can’t seem to understand that if they don’t make the mess in the first place, they won’t have as much work to do later.  And so, every single day they make incredible messes, and every single day they have to clean it up!

I know that we’re supposed to want to clean at springtime, but I find that I am most motivated for that “fresh start” at the beginning of the school year –  I am anxious to get back to routines and schedules.  And so enters the chore chart.

My chore charts have to fulfill certain requirements:

  1. Fit on my refrigerator (I don’t want to use wall space for a chore chart).
  2. Be understood by all of my children, even the youngest who can’t read yet.
  3. Be do-able.
  4. Not require too much “maintenance” (changing it out every month, etc)

So here is what I came up with:  A chart which incorporates my daily meal planning (which I was doing before on a separate dry erase board, but I wanted to consolidate, so I included it in this chart).  It has things for me to do every day as well as the children’s daily tasks.  And, it fits on my fridge!


I created and printed this at home on my computer, and then I covered it in clear contact paper (purchased at the Dollar Store) to make it dry erase.  As I mentioned above, I have been using a separate dry erase board for meal planning for years now and I used this contact paper.  It has worked fantastic!  I just spray it with Windex to clean it off.

I asked my kids if they understood what all of the pictures mean.  They got them all right except for the praying icon.  In our family, we fold our arms to pray, so when my oldest saw it he said “Clap our hands?”  When my youngest saw it he thought it meant to wash your hands!!  Needless to say, now my children understand the universal symbol for praying!

In case you are wondering, the pictures mean to put away your backback, do your homework, do your reading, practice piano, chores, bath, brush teeth, prayers, etc…

And I’m supposed to exercise every day.  We’ll see how that goes…


Time will tell if this works or not, but I am excited about testing it out!


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