I get the itch to go to IKEA every six months or so.  It is good that I only get the itch twice a year because I inevitably come home with more than I intended!  Last time I was there, I saw these clear plastic trays for only $1.99.  They were pretty boring, but they definitely had potential.  I bought a couple and figured I’d think of something to do with them!  I came up with this idea for decoupaging the underside of the tray because I wanted to be able to put food and drinks on the tray.  This way I can still wipe up any spills or crumbs, and I don’t have to worry that condensation will ruin the paper. Read More →



For the past two years I haven’t bought my husband anything for Christmas.  This is at his request because the best Christmas present for him is not spending money!  Well, this Christmas I decided I would take a risk and buy him a gift.  I saw this neat scratch-off map online that I knew he would love.  It combines his love of maps and traveling – and it only cost $8 so he couldn’t get too sad about the money!!

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100_4310My kids love to go to the library.  Only recently has it become enjoyable for me to take them.  This is mainly because #3 is finally old enough not to run down the aisles, pulling books off the shelves as if he were a football player entering the stadium.  But I digress….each of my boys has their own library card, and today I’d like to share a simple way that I help them not lose their library cards! Read More →