titleI have this really fantastic antique telephone table that I inherited from my grandmother.  It was stained a dark color, and it seems to have a lot of wax on it as well.

I had tried spray painting it in the past with terrible results.  The finish on the wood made it so that the spray paint would bead up or not adhere properly.  It was completely frustrating, so the table stayed half-painted for years.

Since then, I have learned a really great tip through my own trial and error.

This tip works for spray painting difficult pieces.  By that, I mean pieces that have coatings on them that make the paint not want to adhere. Finished wood is one that often creates a problem. Read More →



I remember when we got our first computer.   I didn’t totally understand what a computer was, but I knew that it took 15 minutes to boot up, and that was just enough time to eat breakfast.   The computer games never really enthralled me, but when I discovered Print Shop, it was a different story!

Do you remember Print Shop?  You could print your own cards on perforated tractor-feed paper and then fold them up.  A whole new world opened up for me.

Well, that is how I feel about my new miter saw.  I have borrowed my dad’s on several occasions, but I bought my own recently.  Suddenly, there are so many possibilities simply because I have the right tool!   Read More →


I have been busy lately on some major house upgrades.  This is one of them!

I cannot tell you how much I love being able to see all of the beautiful dishes that I have collected over the years!  Believe it or not, we actually use most of these dishes on a regular basis!

In our house, whoever is charge of setting the table sets it right after we eat so it is ready for the next night.  My oldest will even see what is on the menu for the next night and will set particular dishes depending on what we are eating (Chinese/Mexican/Soup/etc..)

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