Hot Chocolate Bar

I really love little “vignettes.”  They are fun to do and it gives me at least one pretty thing to look at while the rest of my house is a disaster!   I like to use the sideboard in my dining room for a little treat bar.  I change it out depending on the season, and right now I have a Hot Chocolate Bar.  During Christmas, I fancy it up a bit with paper straws, but for our usual everyday use I don’t bother with that detail. Read More →



For the past two years I haven’t bought my husband anything for Christmas.  This is at his request because the best Christmas present for him is not spending money!  Well, this Christmas I decided I would take a risk and buy him a gift.  I saw this neat scratch-off map online that I knew he would love.  It combines his love of maps and traveling – and it only cost $8 so he couldn’t get too sad about the money!!

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I have a problem with saving things…. I just can’t throw something away when there might be a good use for it someday.  Hence the 20 empty Clorox wipes containers I have collected in my basement storage room.  I’ve got them deployed all over the place in my house – holding craft items in my craft area, filled with grocery bags in my van, and now, they are in my kitchen!

My cooking utensils had outgrown my previous crock, and I was trying to figure out how to get a better storage solution –  ideally without spending any money.   It occurred to me that the clorox containers might work, so I ran downstairs, grabbed a few from my stash and got working.  With an exacto knife, I cut the threaded portion of the canister off and then wrapped them in scrapbook paper.  The scrapbook paper doesn’t make it all the way around, but that works okay for me since I just put that side against the wall.  Then I organized my utensils by type, with the least frequently used in the back.



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