Title for Magic Books

I can’t tell you how different our three boys are!   Our middle son is our artist.  His day is not complete unless he has made multiple drawings.  I find his artwork everywhere, including “books” he likes to make where he staples a whole bunch of paper together.   Read More →


As I mentioned on Monday, I am going to be having some ongoing series assigned to certain days of the week.  Mondays will be a meal idea and Fridays are going to be about some of my favorite products.   Read More →


There are just so many cool products out there!  Road tape is one of those that I saw recently, and I was definitely intrigued.

However, as is my modus operandi, I have to do my research to make sure that I am getting the best deal.  Half of the time, doing something yourself is more work, time, and money than buying it already made.  Of course, the other half of the time you can do it cheaper on your own.

Road tape falls into the second category. Read More →