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This idea came to me as I was thinking about journaling.  Well, the fact that I don’t keep a journal.   My kids always want to hear stories about my life – growing up, vacations, funny stories, embarrassing stories, sad stories, pretty much anything!

I am the same way, I love to hear stories from my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my brothers, etc, etc…  Isn’t it amazing how you can know someone your whole life, but still not know so many things? Read More →


Like a lot of people, my decorations for the holidays consist of hand-me-downs from my parents, gifts from friends, clearance purchases, and a few DIY projects.   I really love looking at beautiful inspirational decorations for the holidays – whether it be in a magazine, Pinterest, a friend’s home, etc…

However, when you are dealing with a mod-podge of decorations, it can be hard to get that perfectly curated look, and for a while, that was a bit of a disappointment to me. Read More →


I have yet another Halloween post today!  I don’t normally do so much for Halloween – I promise!!

It is more my style to pin a ton of fantastic ideas with the intention of creating some cool Halloween-themed meal, but when it actually comes to Halloween, I am just struggling to get the kids in their costumes and to stop asking me “is it time to go trick-or-treating yet?”     Read More →