This morning as my youngest was getting dressed for school, I remembered that it was “dress up like your favorite character” day.  Of course, it was only 10 minutes before Read More →

For years, I resisted listening to any “kid” cds in the car.  I really love my local NPR station (well, I did until they cut out all classical music during the day – but that’s a rant for another day) and I wanted to listen to it in the car, even if my kids were with me.   It should also be noted that my kids’ normally wild behavior always reached epic proportions while in the car. Read More →



If you have kids who play with Nerf guns, then you are familiar with seeing little foam bullets littered all over your house, yard, garage, laundry, etc… For Christmas this year, my oldest got 100 bullets to go with his nerf guns.  As he was opening the box on Christmas morning, I started thinking about Read More →