titleThere are a zillion versions of DIY storage boxes out there in the blogosphere, but I thought I’d add one more!  I have a lot of unused space above my kitchen cabinets that was begging to be put to better use.  Of course, getting to the top of the cabinets is a pain, so I really only want to store things there that I rarely need.  Also, the usable space on top of the cabinets is a little limited because of all the wood supports on top.

big picture

So off to my trusty Costco to find a box that was tall, but no more than 12 inches deep.  I found the perfect boxes, but they had an open front.  Easily solved by adding in a piece of cardboard cut to fit.  I used hot glue for this entire project, including gluing the cardboard into place.

cardboard insert

The fabric that I had on hand to use to cover these boxes was very thin and so the writing on the box was showing through.  To solve this problem, I just wrapped the boxes in white butcher paper.

inside wrapped

wrappedI wasn’t interested in having a “perfect” box.  I was interested in having a box that fit in the space that I had and that looked like it was really nice, even if it wasn’t!

hot glue

I hot glued the fabric around the base of the box.



box bottom


Then, I pulled the fabric taut and hot glued it on the top.  I folded the fabric under to create a neater inside top, although this wasn’t really necessary for my use.inside fabric

To give it a little fun flare, I used mini clothespins to hold chalkboard labels.  Again, I used hot glue to apply the clothespins.glue clothespin

After I finished the boxes, all I had to do was figure out exactly what I wanted to put where.  I thought that all three were the exact same size, but as you can see, one was slightly taller, but I just put it in the middle so it looks like I meant it to be that way!

finished boxes

The top of my cabinets had a layer of grimey dust on top, so I figured that after a while, my boxes will get grimey dust on them, too.  I really didn’t want the stuff that I am storing to be ruined, so I just laid an extra piece of cardboard cut to fit the box and laid it on top of the stuff inside – essentially creating a makeshift lid to keep dirt out.

mid shot  I was so excited to put that empty space to good use!  And up there, no one can see that they are just cardboard boxes held together with hot glue!





2 Thoughts on “Custom Storage Boxes

  1. Laura on April 7, 2015 at 7:34 am said:

    Love this so much! I am going to use this at home and in the classroom! Thanks Rachel 🙂

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