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There always seem to be kids running in and out of the house.   And with kids come their stuff, which they inevitably leave behind!  I came up with this idea last winter as I was getting a collection of forgotten gloves, toys, papers, etc.  I had been piling them up on top of the piano which is relatively close to the front door, but I would forget sometimes that there was a pile there.  Hence, this idea came about one morning as I realized that I had forgotten, yet again, to bring a missing glove to our neighbor.  I ran right down to my craft area and started on it.  You can use my idea as a jumping off point for whatever your needs are, but let me show you how I did mine.

close up

First I found a piece of scrap wood that was around the size I had in mind.  I let my oldest son give it a quick once-over with white craft paint.  I liked the textured look it had with one coat, so that is where I left it.  While that was drying, I cut some strips of scrapbook paper that had colors I like, and taped them onto clothespins.   I used a chalk pen to write the words on three chalkboard plaques that I had in my stash from Michaels.  (These are actually the $.29 wood shapes that I painted myself with chalkboard paint)


Once the paint was dry, I used double sided foam tape to adhere the clothespins and plaques.  I really love double-sided foam tape because I buy the industrial strength version, so the adhesive does not come off.  And because it is foam, it adheres things that may not be totally flush because the foam conforms to the shape of the items you are adhering.

side view

For the finishing touch, I applied washi tape to the edges.  I think this may be my favorite part of the project.  It is such a small detail, but I think it really adds to the overall completed look.

Add some hanging hardware to the back and there you have it!  I quick project that looks cute and is very functional.

medium range picture

2 Thoughts on “DIY Lost and Found Organizer

  1. Tell me more about this double sides foam tape. How do I not know of it’s magic? Do you have a picture of what it looks like? Also I love your colors 🙂

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