titleI am SO EXCITED to show you how to do these watercolor pages!  I was doing my happy dance after I got it to work, and my kids thought I was a little crazy!

purchased pages

Several months ago I bought these watercolor books at Michael’s on sale to add to our “treasure box” (my attempt at encouraging good behavior at school).  Well, not only did my kids like them, but I loved that they weren’t messy.  Because if you know kids, they always want to do the messiest crafts – chiefly painting.   After one use, the watercolor sets always end up being all one color – black!!  Or maybe that is just with my kids…

Anyway, after seeing how great these little water color sheets were, I started trying to figure out how to make my own.  And, ta-dah!, the key is watercolor pencils!!!

water color pencils

Here is what you’ll need:


Water color pencils, Q-tips, cup of water, Diet Coke (not necessary, but highly recommended!), scissors, and of course, coloring sheets (you can print out your own, or use my template by clicking water color square templates.  Instructions on how to use it are at the bottom of this post)

I have created two different templates.  One with a picture on it, and one with just squares so that you can use any coloring book you already own.

thor coloring sheets

blank squares

All you do is color in the squares!  For the generic squares, I made them all rainbow color.

generic paints

For Thor’s coloring page, I asked my son what colors he wanted and that is what I used.  (He is obsessed with super heros).

ready to paint

After coloring in all of those squares, my hand hurt, so I decided to have my kids do their own coloring!

add color themselves

When you are ready to paint, just dip the Q-tip into some water and then rub it on the colored block to get the paint, and then apply the paint to your picture with the Q-tip.

using qtip

My youngest has gotten quite good at this style of painting and he lines all of his Q-tips up by color so he can use it for that color only.  He also understands that too much water just ruins the paper.  As he told his brother “just ONE dip in the water!”

painting thor


Once the picture is done, cut off the paint portion on the dotted line.  Pretty cool!

finished artwork


Directions on water color template:

I created this template in an excel file because, frankly, I am completely in love with Excel and do everything possible using it!  Once you open the file, you will see that there are many sheets at the bottom.  You can print off what sheets you like, or print the entire workbook.  I have boys, so all of my sheets are very “boy oriented.”  If you want to change the pictures:

  1. Save the picture file you like to your computer (search for [subject] coloring pages).
  2. Go to the excel template.  Right click on the picture, choose “Change Picture”
  3. Browse to the picture you saved on your computer.
  4. Click the Insert button.

If you are having trouble with this part, just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help!

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