titleI can honestly say that I am enjoying the summer with my kids…for the most part!  The biggest problem is that we have so much “together time” that after a while, tempers run short.  We are all together essentially every minute of every day from 6:30 a.m. until bedtime, so like anyone, we get a little tired of each other.  I am starting to look forward to school starting again so that we can have some time apart. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

The second biggest problem of everyone being home all day every day is that the house is even messier than usual.  Despite assigning chores to the kids every day, the house is still a mess pretty much 24/7!

Crumbs and food is one of those messes.   My kids seem to model their eating habits off of Cookie Monster –  I’m not sure any food actually gets in their mouth!  This is an example of our kitchen table.  This picture could have been taken anytime really, because that is how the table always seems to look, even if I just cleaned it up!


When my oldest was little, I started using the dust pan to clean the kitchen table before I wipe it down and it is one of my favorite tips.  Just sweep all the big junk up and then it is so much easier to wipe down the table!


My other favorite use for the dust pan was born out of my second son’s first three years of life.  He had a lot of medical problems.  He threw up multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.  If you have a kid who throws up that often for almost three years, you get REALLY good at cleaning it up!.  This technique works for any thick wet spill and is the best way to I’ve found to clean it quickly without getting your hands dirty!

I wanted to show a picture, and I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long to have a mess to clean up with these three boys around.  Sure enough, my youngest dropped his milkshake, so now you get to see how I clean it up!


Get a LOT of paper towels and use them to push/scrape the mess into the dust pan.  Dump the paper towels into the trash, dump the mess into the sink, and repeat until all that is left can be cleaned with a wet washcloth.  Give the dust pan a quick rinse in the sink, and then run it through the dishwasher.    100_6970 (I have used this technique on carpet, too.  The method is the same, but after the main mess is cleaned up you will need to use your favorite carpet cleaner to get the rest up)

Next time someone drops a cup of yogurt, spills their smoothie, or even throws up… try this method to get it cleaned up fast without getting (too) dirty!


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