One of IKEA's BEST deals - cardboard magazine files FLUNS.

I am IN LOVE with these cardboard magazine files they sell at IKEA.

They are 99 CENTS for FOUR!!!!

Yes, you read that right.  This may just be the best value that IKEA sells.

I use them absolutely everywhere in my house.

One of IKEA's BEST deals - cardboard magazine files FLUNS.

What is surprising is how sturdy they are despite being made from cardboard.

I just keep them white, but they are extremely easy to cover in patterned paper or even paint.

Next week I will be showing some different ways to use these FLUNS files to organize around the house.

For more detailed information on these magazine files, click here to go to their product page at IKEA.


Happy Friday!


2 Thoughts on “Friday Find: IKEA Magazine Files

  1. Alexis Cluff on October 7, 2016 at 12:08 pm said:

    I had no idea about these! Thanks Rach! Totally on my next Ikea shopping list. I have the catalog so I’m going to circle them now! BTW…LOVING your site and these quick ideas!!!

    • Rachel on October 7, 2016 at 1:16 pm said:

      Thanks! By the way, I have been thinking about ideas for pill bottles. Other than the obvious to use them for organizing small things in drawers, here is what I came up with: Screwing the caps onto a board and then using it as an organizer for small craft pieces, screws, etc.. Attaching strong magnets to them and using them to store spices on the side of your fridge so that you don’t have to give up valuable cupboard space (I figure the pill bottles are safer and lighter than attaching glass spice bottles). Storing toothpicks, coins, etc. in your car. I will keep thinking – I also have a collection of empty pill bottles!

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