titleCraft supplies and tools are truly one of my weaknesses.  I just can’t seem to resist some neat tool, even if I might only use it once.  Sometimes they are just TOO COOL!!!

This craft punch falls into that category.  I saw it in a quarter-page feature in last month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, and as soon as I saw it, I began plotting how I was going to get it.

I don’t quite understand how Martha Stewart crafts has divvied up their product line, but some things are only available at certain craft stores.  This punch is only available at Hobby Lobby stores.  It retails for $21.99, but of course you can use a 40% coupon to get it for less than $14.


It couldn’t be simpler to use.  You punch out how ever many banners you want, and then they connect together without any glue or tape.  I did find that the best results were with cardstock paper.

close up

I wasn’t sure how well the garland would stay together, but it is incredibly sturdy for just being little paper tabs.   They really only come apart when you actively take them apart.

I used a pen and wrote a little message on this banner.

Triangle Garland

It is so fun to do, that I feel like I need to start putting garlands all around my house!

softened garland

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