All those bright skinny belts are so fun to wear.  They can add that little “something” to pull an outfit together, but it can be really annoying when the belt end won’t lie flat and wants to stick out.  Even if it was lying flat when you put the belt on, as you go about your day, it has a tendency to bend away from your body, as you can see in the photo below.

sticking out

Here is how I keep that from happening.  I bought a package of 500 hairbands from the Dollar Store.  These work great because they are pretty thin and the package I bought comes in a variety of colors,including black, white, brown, and cream.  I also use clear hair bands for some belts – basically whatever color is least noticeable.


Wrap the hair band around the end with the buckle, and problem solved!  (well, the belt problem is solved…. the toothpaste splatters on the mirror, not so much!)

with hair band


This trick also works for watches.  I have a watch that lost the little leather thing-y that holds down the strap, so I used my trusty hair bands.

watch and band

An easy solution to a pesky little problem!


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