For years, I resisted listening to any “kid” cds in the car.  I really love my local NPR station (well, I did until they cut out all classical music during the day – but that’s a rant for another day) and I wanted to listen to it in the car, even if my kids were with me.   It should also be noted that my kids’ normally wild behavior always reached epic proportions while in the car. Simply getting in the car was a shouting match between the boys, and don’t even get me started after I turned on the car.  Needless to say, going anywhere in the car raised my blood pressure 20 points.


And then I discovered that kid music could calm the masses, and so I started checking out cds from the library to listen to.  There are a lot of kid music cds that are not even worth checking out for free, but we also discovered some real gems.  One of these gems is Bill Harley cds.  This guy is HILARIOUS!!!!  You know how Veggie Tales manages to be entertaining for children and adults alike?  Well, Bill Harley is a master story teller and you will be cracking up just like your kids!

His stories and songs are better suited to kids at least age 4 and up.  I don’t have any teenagers, but I think that  teenagers would enjoy them as well.

Here are some of my favorites:


Yes to Running

best candy in the whole world

High dive

Check them out!  They are so funny and you’ll enjoy them as much as the kids!

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