caramel apple closeup

I am not really a caramel apple fan – they are just so messy!  I’d much rather eat my caramel as a dip with my apples (like in my post earlier this week – click here).

However, sometimes it is more the look of the caramel apple that I might want.  When that is the case, let me share a way to make a cute stick for your caramel apple. 

You will need chopsticks and paper straws in the design of your choosing.


Insert the thinner end of the chopstick into the straw, pushing it on as far as it will go.  I found that putting the chopstick end on the counter and then trying to slide down the straw was the best way to do this.

You will not be able to get the chopstick completely into the straw, but that works out to our advantage. Cut the excess straw off.

trim straw

If the chopstick part is too long, trim it with some poultry shears.

trim chopstick

Insert the bare chopstick portion into the apple, leaving only the cute straw portion visible.


Ta-dah!  Cute and completely customizable sticks!


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