If you have kids who play with Nerf guns, then you are familiar with seeing little foam bullets littered all over your house, yard, garage, laundry, etc… For Christmas this year, my oldest got 100 bullets to go with his nerf guns.  As he was opening the box on Christmas morning, I started thinking about how many little bullets were going to be EVERYWHERE, and wondering how he was going to keep track of all those bullets!   As I was pondering this future mess, I came up with the idea for a cross-shoulder bag.  To make it seem less like a purse and more like a “man bag” I decided to make it Rambo-style and put elastic for the bullets across the front.

I looked through my stash of fabric and found this one that I inherited from a lady who bought it when this was in style 40 years ago.  It is kind of ugly, but I thought it could theoretically be called camouflage since it is orange and brown trees, and that’s camouflage in fall, right?  I should tell you that my son did not like the fabric at all and there may have even been some tears.  However, once he saw the completed project, he gave his approval.  This is a very simple project as far as sewing techniques go, but it will still take a couple of hours to finish.  Of course, in typical fashion, I did this on the fly on Christmas day, so I didn’t take any photos as I went along.

100_4759Since I don’t have any pictures, I will give a brief description of what I did.  My sewing on this project is a little sloppy since I wasn’t planning on publicising it while I was sewing it, so please don’t judge too harshly!


1.  Cut four squares of fabric the approximate size you want your finished bag to be.  (the finished bag will be smaller because of the seam allowances and boxing out the bottom)

2.  Sew two of the four squares together (right sides together) on 3 sides to create a bag. Repeat with the other two squares.

3.  Box out the bottom of each bag by sewing across the corner.  Here is a tutorial if you don’t know how to do it:

4.  Turn one bag inside out and place it inside the other bag, creating a lining.

5.  Stay stitch around the top of both bags to keep them together.

6.  Sew on a zipper by stitching zipper only through the front two layers of the bag.  Then cut the fabric inside the zipper so that it opens.


7. Cut four long triangle shapes (the straps), making the bottom of the triangle slightly wider than the finished width of the bag (this is for the seam allowance)

8.  Sew two triangles right sides together, leaving one end open for turning.  Repeat with other two triangles.

9.   Sew elastic onto the front triangle, using a bullet as a guide to get the right width between stitches (make it tight so they don’t fall out)

10.  Fold down and press the edges of the top of the bag to the inside of the bag.

11. Overlap triangles and place bottom edges of triangles inside bag. Stitch through all thicknesses to close up bag and attach the triangles.

attach straps

12.  Using your child as the measurement, figure out how long you want the straps and sew the two triangle straps together at the top.

13.  Done!!

My son actually does use it (although he prefers to just use the bag part and not the elastic part – I guess it is too much bother to put the bullets back in the elastics), and I love that he keeps track of his bullets! When he comes inside, he just hangs up his bag in his room.

shooting gun


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