I love french fries.  And it’s not like I really need to be eating any more french fries; heaven knows  I get plenty of them whenever I eat out.  And yet, despite all of that, I will still make french fries at home!  It usually happens because I want to make potatoes as a side dish, and mashed potatoes don’t really go with the meal, and neither do baked potatoes.  But french fries are the perfect fit.  In those cases, here are my tips for crunchy, delicious homemade french fries. Read More →

One of our sons has NF-1.  Because of the complexity of his disorder, we see a lot of specialists.  I am always filling out forms at doctor’s offices asking for his medical history.   To help me keep track of everything, I created this form in Excel that I always keep a copy of folded up in my wallet.   This form has proved invaluable to me when I am trying to remember when he had this surgery or what the phone number for that specialist is.   I have included a free download for you at the bottom of this post so that you can customize it for your own needs.  I hope you find it as helpful as I have!

Medical History - no name

Blank Medical History Form

100_4310My kids love to go to the library.  Only recently has it become enjoyable for me to take them.  This is mainly because #3 is finally old enough not to run down the aisles, pulling books off the shelves as if he were a football player entering the stadium.  But I digress….each of my boys has their own library card, and today I’d like to share a simple way that I help them not lose their library cards! Read More →