Have you heard of Pick Your Plum?  It is a daily deals site.  Lately they have been more focused on jewelry, clothing, and shoes (which I am not interested in), but they used to have a lot more craft and party supplies.  I guess the craft stuff wasn’t selling as well because they had some really good markdowns…. and I couldn’t control myself and I bought a lot!

filled up tote

Well, I wanted to share the bounty, so I decided to give some as a gift to a friend of mine.  However, I wasn’t quite sure how to package it up.  I guess I could have just put it in a big box, but I thought my friend might also really like having this tote to store things as well.

When you buy loose plates at IKEA, they have these cardboard totes to help you carry it around.  Aren’t they so cool?  They are really large, and I love that there is very little printing on it.

Since I had one of these totes kicking around at my house, I thought it would be the perfect thing for gifting all of these craft and baking supplies.

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll let you just look at them and figure it out.

start covering

Yeah, so I basically just covered it in scrapbook paper!

more covered

completely covered

After it was completely covered, I thought a nice detail would be to use washi tape around all of the edges.  You can see that I also put washi tape on the parts of the tote that stick out.

finished tote

Once it was done I just wrapped it in some twine and added a gift tag.  You might notice that I used one of the jumbo pillow boxes!  I filled it full of paper straws.

ready for gifting

I know I had a really fun time putting this package together, and hopefully my friend enjoyed receiving it, too!

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