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Have you seen that you can make your own microwave popcorn using a paper bag?  As much as I love homemade snacks, I still want it to be convenient.  For me, if I am going to make my own popcorn in the microwave, it needs to be just as easy as throwing a store-bought bag of popcorn in the microwave.  That means when we are watching a movie in the basement, I don’t want to have to run up to the kitchen to collect everything in order to make it.  Here is how I keep everything together so that it is almost as easy as storebought!    tray closeup

If you’ve seen some of my other posts, you know I really love trays!  It just makes everything seem so “fancy!”   So, since everything looks better on a tray, here is a cute way to create your own “popcorn station.”  We still have our old microwave from when we were first married and lived in an apartment.  We keep it in the basement, and I set up our popcorn station down there next to the microwave.   The kids love to have popcorn while they watch a movie.  (Confession:  I don’t always let my kids have popcorn unless it is the day before my vacuuming day because no matter how many times I tell them to be careful and not spill, the floor ends up being covered in popcorn and unpopped kernels.)

bag fold

I use about ~1/4 cup of kernels in a paper bag, fold down the top a few times, and then microwave it.  Depending on the microwave, it will take about 2 minutes, but obviously test it out on your microwave and you can add or take away a few seconds if needed.  In my experience, there will be quite a few unpopped kernels with this method (if you microwave it longer so that they all pop, the popcorn will burn).  I have decided it is still a better deal to pop your own popcorn and lose some kernels than to buy microwave popcorn.

I like to put a small tear in the fold so that the bag doesn’t come open in the microwave.

add oil

Now for the fun part, the flavorings!

AFTER you have popped the popcorn, squirt some extra virgin olive oil over the popcorn and then shake the bag to distribute the oil.  You can use any oil, but I just love the fruity flavor of EVOO. Once the oil is distributed, sprinkle on your flavoring and shake again.


In my popcorn station, I have regular kosher salt and butter salt in shakers.  (My shakers are actually extra Magic Bullet cups and shakers.)  I also have a small squeeze bottle of vinegar to create salt and vinegar popcorn.  This is really just for my husband because no one else in our family likes vinegar on their popcorn.

Some other ideas are Cinnamon and Sugar, Garlic Salt, or any other combinations you like on your popcorn.  I had some of these other options at first, but we just like plain old salt so much, that I only keep the two salt options now.


popped bag


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