Secure Your Purse

A few years ago I read about a great tip to keep your purse more secure while you are shopping.  Now, to clarify, I have never had anyone take my purse or even try to take my purse.   I truly believe that 99% of people are good, honest, and caring.

However, my husband is more cautious.  His father was in law enforcement, and when you have a family member in law enforcement, your view of the world tends to be a little more cynical – I suppose it is because law enforcement often deals with the 1%.

But anyway, taking an extra step to keep my purse a little safer gives me peace of mind.  If only so that I can tell my husband that I am being careful!!

It is simple – I clip the child restraint around my purse handle.  That way when I am completely ignoring my cart as I am wont to do, it is not as easy for someone to grab my purse.


Happy shopping!



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