Foot and Shoe Powder - get rid of smelly shoes!!  Before3pm.comIt finally turned cool enough a few weeks ago around here to actually start feeling like fall!  We had temperatures in the 90’s through the middle of October, so it has been nice to have weather that matches the season these last few weeks!

As much as I love the season changing, I really do not look forward to changing out my closets from my summer clothing to my winter clothing.  It is such a pain and it is even more of a pain to sort through all of the kids clothes.  It is one of those tasks that I dread!

As I was pulling out my fall and winter boots, I wanted to share with you a fantastic find that I discovered last year.  Read More →


So there you are on a date with your hubby.  You’ve had a fantastic dinner, and you excuse yourself to the bathroom.  As you are washing your hands, you do the obligatory teeth check, to discover that you have food in your teeth.

After saying to yourself – “WHY didn’t my husband TELL me there was something in my teeth???”  – you grab a paper towel to get it out.

Well, I have some places on my teeth that are always catching food, and sometimes a paper towel doesn’t work.

Here is a quick tip – use your earring!

This trick has saved me on multiple occasions and hopefully it can help you, too!

fishhook earrings




The key to clean toilets is to have a toilet that can actually be cleaned after it becomes dirty. Read More →