Faded Glory Women's Classic Denim Jacket

I buy so many of my clothes at Walmart.  They have really cute stuff that is changing constantly, and their prices can’t be beat!  Their normal prices are fantastic, but being the deal hunter that I am, I only buy things when they are on clearance.

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There are so many amazing free fonts that you can upload to your computer.  Once you have installed a new font, you can use it in all of your applications just as you would the fonts that come preloaded.

However, this is not a post on how to install fonts.

Instead, I am sharing a website called Wordmark that makes it super easy to see all of your fonts. Read More →

It has been one of those weeks where it feels that my entire day is made up of repairing/cleaning/fixing all the things that my children have broken and destroyed.

Obviously, that is not completely true – part of my day is making meals and then cleaning up after the meals.  🙂

Well, one of the things that I fixed this week was a crossbow one of  my boys got as a Christmas gift.   My husband accidentally broke it by stepping on it.

Friday Find - FIberFix Repair Wrap. Before3pm.com

(Of course, he wouldn’t have done that if the kids had not left it laying on the ground under a blanket…) Read More →