towels folded on shelf

Our master bathroom is really open and bright, which I love!  There are also nice built-in shelves on either side of my husband’s sink.  They are a little tricky because they are triangular, but I am going to share a really simple way to make them work…

empty shelves

…fold your towels into triangles!

folded into triangle

Yes, I know this seems obvious, but sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious!

upper shot

For the triangular shelves by my sink, I have just put a metal bucket to catch my hair tools that I rarely use, and then I tapped in a few nails to hold my most used tools.

my side

I also fold our bath towels in triangles – like you would a flag – and put them on the larger triangular shelves by our shower.

A super simple way to make your triangular shelves work for you!

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