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Here in Georgia we don’t deal with snow too much.  We do get cold weather, although really cold weather usually only comes in spurts and lasts a few days.  During those super cold spurts, or on the exciting occasion we get snow, we bundle up in our hats and gloves.

I have been frequenting IKEA a lot lately as I am working on a dining room project, and during one of my visits I saw this really useful kitchen cart.BYGEL Utility cart IKEA The top of the cart is reversible and can be used as a tray.

It is only $30, and it comes with several very useful features.  One are the wheels.  Then the top shelf can be flipped to become a tray.  There is also a slide-out drawer, and finally, there are neat little hang-y thingys that IKEA is so fond of.

At first, I kept the white finish, which I liked well enough, but I wanted it to give it a little more personality.

white cart

So, I spray painted the shelves green.  I used two baskets to corral all of the gear.  One basket has gloves and mittens, and the other basket has hats and scarves.

front closeup

The metal hooks are great for hanging gloves that need to dry out.

gloves drying

I really lucked out that I had two baskets that were just the right size for the shelves.  I love happy coincidences!

from the side

They offer a lot of different carts at IKEA and elsewhere, but I think this is a steal at $30.   It seems very sturdy (the shelves are metal as is the frame), and it can be taken into the kitchen for extra work space, the craft room, or as extra table space in the living room when you need it.

second straight on view

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