Here is a pretty way to gift that extra loaf of banana bread.  It really is easy!  It only takes a couple of minutes, and you’ll be rewarded with a cute box perfect for a standard size load of bread.


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If you have kids who play with Nerf guns, then you are familiar with seeing little foam bullets littered all over your house, yard, garage, laundry, etc… For Christmas this year, my oldest got 100 bullets to go with his nerf guns.  As he was opening the box on Christmas morning, I started thinking about Read More →


The weather has been warming up, so that means that it was time to retire the Hot Chocolate Bar until next fall.  Recently, I have been to a couple of parties where they had an Italian Soda Bar.  It was such a fun idea, that I decided I wanted to do it at home, and it was also a great way to

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