titleFirst off, may I just say that it is so hard to take pictures for a blog?  This time I’m not talking about the quality thing (although that is a challenge for those of us using a 10 year old cheap digital camera!), but I am talking about getting your house to look decent enough for a photo!

Every time I take photographs for the blog, it is a huge ordeal of “where can I put this item that will look nice and where my house is not a mess?”  The “not a mess” part really limits where I can take the picture!!

So, here I am trying to take a picture of my bedroom curtains.  But… my bed is covered Read More →



I have always really loved pillow boxes.  They are such a pretty package, but most of the time they are too small to do much with them aside from a gift card or small item.  I have made a collection of jumbo sized pillow boxes to keep on hand for quick gifts.  They are big enough that you can put a lot more things into them.  The other great thing about pillow boxes is that they store flat, so they take up very little storage room, which I consider a big plus! Read More →