titleCraft supplies and tools are truly one of my weaknesses.  I just can’t seem to resist some neat tool, even if I might only use it once.  Sometimes they are just TOO COOL!!!

This craft punch falls into that category.  I saw it in a quarter-page feature in last month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, and as soon as I saw it, I began plotting how I was going to get it. Read More →


Isn’t it such a struggle to figure out what to do with the kids’ school work at the end of the year?  As I promised in my previous post about school paperwork organization (click here to read that post), this is how I store my kids’ work at the end of the year.

I have read about all sorts of ideas like storing their work in their backpack for that year (First, I don’t buy new backpacks every year, and second, who has room to store 12 backpacks for each child in their house?), but I finally found a way that works for me.  Maybe my idea can work for you, too.

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