Last week  was one of those weeks where I had one thing after another, and so when I finally had some time at home, it was my plan to catch up on housecleaning.

Well, instead of doing all that I planned, I found myself drawn down to my craft room.  I just really wanted to make something!

Our oldest son is turning 10 tomorrow, so I asked him what treat he wanted to share with his classmates.  He asked for chocolate chip cookies (no surprise there!), and so when the mood struck me to make something, I decided to make a cute little container for the cookies. Read More →


You may have noticed that I make a lot of banana bread. That is because I can never tell how many bananas my kids will eat!

Sometimes, they will go through two bunches of bananas in two days, other times they hardly touch them.  Since they are relatively inexpensive ,and  we love banana bread, I don’t mind when they get too ripe for snacking.  So when I had a lot of bananas to bake up into bread today, I figured why not have a little fun with them?

I thought I would share my favorite banana bread recipe and the delicious glaze that I used on these pumpkin banana bread treats.   Read More →