Do you ever read a recipe that is supposed to be “kid friendly” because it includes raisins or some other fruit that children like?  I have always wanted to scream at them – what kid wants raisins in their rice????  They don’t even want raisins in their cookies!!

Well, this recipe I am going to share with you today is NOT kid friendly.  It is, however, appealing to adults who like something a little bit different, but still approachable.  Today, I  want to share an unusual recipe for a dish that my mother-in-law makes for Thanksgiving.  It is called Relleno de Pavo which translates to Turkey Stuffing.   It is nothing like American stuffing and you don’t cook it in the turkey, either.   Read More →


This past week my husband’s office had a potluck Thanksgiving lunch.  The main dishes were catered, but the employees could sign up to bring sides and desserts.   Since I love making decorated sugar cookies, I suggested that he bring cookies to the party.

As I was preparing to ice the cookies and was getting out bags to pipe and then flood my cookies (which is the method I usually use),  I remembered this idea that I had pinned on Pinterest: Read More →

angled title


This idea came to me as I was thinking about journaling.  Well, the fact that I don’t keep a journal.   My kids always want to hear stories about my life – growing up, vacations, funny stories, embarrassing stories, sad stories, pretty much anything!

I am the same way, I love to hear stories from my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my brothers, etc, etc…  Isn’t it amazing how you can know someone your whole life, but still not know so many things? Read More →