Like a lot of people, my decorations for the holidays consist of hand-me-downs from my parents, gifts from friends, clearance purchases, and a few DIY projects.   I really love looking at beautiful inspirational decorations for the holidays – whether it be in a magazine, Pinterest, a friend’s home, etc…

However, when you are dealing with a mod-podge of decorations, it can be hard to get that perfectly curated look, and for a while, that was a bit of a disappointment to me. Read More →


Why, oh why do children like to have their tantrums in public???  Why can’t they just keep them confined to the walls of our homes?  Every time my kids have a breakdown in the presence of others, I usually don’t care about the fact they are having the tantrum, my caring stems from the feeling that now my parenting skills (or lack thereof) are on display for everyone to see.  It is a lot of pressure!!! Read More →