So there you are on a date with your hubby.  You’ve had a fantastic dinner, and you excuse yourself to the bathroom.  As you are washing your hands, you do the obligatory teeth check, to discover that you have food in your teeth.

After saying to yourself – “WHY didn’t my husband TELL me there was something in my teeth???”  – you grab a paper towel to get it out.

Well, I have some places on my teeth that are always catching food, and sometimes a paper towel doesn’t work.

Here is a quick tip – use your earring!

This trick has saved me on multiple occasions and hopefully it can help you, too!

fishhook earrings




I am really excited to share this post with you since I think this idea can really be useful for a lot of people.

I never used to lay my shirts out flat to dry, but after becoming completely frustrated with my shirts shrinking (that I had specifically bought for their long length), I started laying all of my shirts flat to dry.  This has been great for solving the shrinking problem, but then I had a new problem of trying to dry a lot of shirts all of  the time.

So, I did what most people do –  I would try to arrange them in a single layer on top of my washer and dryer.  That is great for one or two shirts, but more than that and they overlap and take forever to dry! Read More →