Monday Meal 3 - BBQ Ribs and Salad

I know it is almost fall, but I am holding on to these last few days of August.   The summer flew by, and I am not quite ready to embrace everything pumpkin, crunchy leaves, or darker evenings yet.

I had a rack of ribs in my freezer, so that was the main inspiration for today’s meal!  Plus, it’s a meal that makes me feel like it’s Summer!

top view close up of salad and ribs

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Easy candied pecans

Candied pecans are one of those foods that are incredibly easy to make if  you know how!

Here are step by step photos to guide you through making your own candied pecans to top salads, sweet potatoes, or just to snack on!

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Close up gray memory foam shoes


I love shoes.

I think I like that you can add a little punch to your outfit with a fun pair of shoes AND I like that they fit regardless of your current weight!

Even though I favor heels and wedges, I have been slowly getting a few flats.   The problem is, I don’t want them too flat!   Read More →