Homemade lollipops using metal molds. Before3pm.com

Do you call these lollipops or suckers?  I grew up calling them lollipops, although it seems like suckers may be more common.

I also grew up saying soda, although my mom’s side of the family called it sodapop or just pop.

Whatever you like to call hard candy on a stick, they are easy to make and so much fun when you use these nifty molds! Read More →

There are so many amazing free fonts that you can upload to your computer.  Once you have installed a new font, you can use it in all of your applications just as you would the fonts that come preloaded.

However, this is not a post on how to install fonts.

Instead, I am sharing a website called Wordmark that makes it super easy to see all of your fonts. Read More →