titleI have this really fantastic antique telephone table that I inherited from my grandmother.  It was stained a dark color, and it seems to have a lot of wax on it as well.

I had tried spray painting it in the past with terrible results.  The finish on the wood made it so that the spray paint would bead up or not adhere properly.  It was completely frustrating, so the table stayed half-painted for years.

Since then, I have learned a really great tip through my own trial and error.

This tip works for spray painting difficult pieces.  By that, I mean pieces that have coatings on them that make the paint not want to adhere. Finished wood is one that often creates a problem.

before painting

I have found that the absolute best spray paint primer is just to use metallic paint.  It has incredible coverage and will coat almost anything with a very thin layer.  Once the metallic paint has dried, you can paint your piece any color you like.

sprayed metallic

The lighting is not that great in my garage, but hopefully you can see that the light blue spray paint went on perfectly.  Unfortunately, I ran out of this color spray paint, so I have not finished spray painting this piece yet, but I wanted to share this tip with you since it has been such a lifesaver for me!

painted blue closeup

I also used this tip on the knobs for my dining room renovation.  When I was redoing my dining room, the bare wood IKEA knobs were also not taking paint well, so I painted them with metallic paint first and then coated them with the color I wanted.

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!


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