candied jalapenos gift box

I really love giving homemade treats at Christmas time.  However, sometimes I feel overloaded with all of the sweet goodies, and I crave something savory.  Since I am sure I can’t be the only one who feels this way, here is a savory gift idea.

packaged up

This candied jalapeno gift box really fits the bill when you want to avoid the usual chocolates or cookies.  It is also a great gift since it doesn’t necessarily have to be used right away.  The cream cheese has a really long shelf life in the refrigerator and the candied jalapenos don’t need to be refrigerated until you open them (that is if you have processed them when you made them).

Click here for how to make the candied jalapenos.

I love these boxes from  They are a really great size and the Kraft color works for any time of year.

In each box I have a jar of candied jalapenos, a package of cream cheese, and a sleeve of crackers (these are the Ancient Grains crackers from Costco).  I also included directions on how to enjoy the candied jalapenos since a lot of people have never had them before.  Obviously, they don’t have to eat them the way I have described, it is just a suggestion!

When I made the candied jalapenos over the summer, I specifically made several in 4 oz jars to give as gifts.  With most of the work done ahead of time, this is another really easy gift during the hectic Christmas season.


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