As I’ve mentioned in my bathroom floor post, I am trying to get rid of all the carpet in my house.  I am one step closer to that goal now that I have refinished two sets of stairs in my house.  Well, to be really techinical, I was one step closer to that goal a year ago when I actually took the carpet off of the stairs! But now (a year later) I have finally completed refinishing them!

Before I continue, I should clarify that I am not a perfectionist.  I am a “it’s good enough”  kind of person.  If you are a perfectionist, than you probably won’t be pleased with this project.  For me, it is absolutely wonderful! Read More →

It is my goal to get rid of all the carpet in our house.  If you wonder why, let me simply remind you that I have three boys!

I have friends who are in the position where they can afford to put in all hardwood and continually upgrade their house.  If I let it, the feeling of accomplishment that I get from my little improvements starts diminishing – like if I am not redoing things with the “best” or have them professional installed, then I shouldn’t be happy with what I have.  However, when I feel this way, I try to actively pep talk myself out of it because I know it is not true.  If I am happy with my little improvements, then that is enough!

So as I was saying, one of those improvements I want to make is to get all the carpet out of my house!  I redid the floors upstairs last summer and installed laminate wood flooring, which I LOVE!!  But, I still had this one patch of carpet upstairs – and in the worst place:

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Pop Up Drain

I spend a lot of time repairing things around the house.   It seems something is always breaking.  I used to feel overwhelmed by things breaking because it meant calling a repairman, and I never knew how much it was going to cost.  Well, after one particular time we had a repairman who had to return three time to correct his “repair,” I said to myself “Geez, if fixing things means Read More →