I am an avid fan of Walmart. They have such cute clothes at great prices.

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Today’s post is courtesy of a friend of mine, Heather, who told me that she uses earplugs to sleep.

See, I have noticed that as I get older, I just don’t sleep as deeply as I used to. Not only does my husband’s snoring keep me up (even my own snoring wakes me up sometimes!!!), but the noise of shifting around in bed at night or the footsteps on the floor when someone is going to the bathroom in the middle of the night also wake me up. Luckily, I usually can go back to sleep easily, but it is still frustrating sometimes. Read More →

Kids are always excited for their birthday! Help them plan it with this fun free printable! Before3pm.com

Birthdays are always fun – whether you are a kid or an adult!  I guess it is nice to have a day that is solely dedicated to celebrating your existence!

Like a lot of people, we have certain birthday traditions that our family looks forward to.  In our family, the birthday boy/girl gets to pick what they want for dinner and what they want as their dessert.

Also, I don’t know about your school, but at least in elementary school, bringing treats in to share with the classroom is a big deal, too! Read More →