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I don’t know where you store your opened bags of chips, but ours usually end up on the floor of our walk-in pantry.  I had a “lightbulb” moment this week on a quick and easy way to get them off of the floor, but not take up valuable shelf space.  On the wall opposite my shelving, I quickly pounded in four nails and was able to hang all of the chip bags by the large binder clips that I use to keep them closed.

hanging in pantry

Binder clips are perfect for bags because they clamp down super strong and they are extremely durable.  Plus, you can hang them!!

If a bag is particularly heavy or slippery, make sure that the rolled up part is contained inside the binder clip – this will keep the clip from slipping off.

rolled under

It was difficult to get a picture of this wall in  my pantry because it is very tight in there, but hopefully you can get the idea from these pictures.

closeup hanging

This technique would work well for any bagged item that isn’t too heavy to pull out of the clip once it is hanging.


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  1. This is clever!

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